Air Conditioning Brendale

For anyone thinking about air conditioning Brendale and surrounding suburbs have access to the perfect solution in Sensus Air. We specialise in air conditioning installations for business and industrial sites, as well as for domestic use.

At Sensus Air Conditioning & Electrical we understand the importance of synergy. We understand that a broken down AC affects other aspects of your business or home.

That is why we :

  • Offer air conditioning installation Brendale and service surrounding suburbs.
  • Carry out periodic inspections to ensure the AC is working as it should, and detect any problems before they get out of hand
  • Have a well trained and highly qualified team of technicians and electricians who will resolve your air conditioning needs
  • Provide a dedicated customer care team to handle your queries and dispatch a team to your site when needed.

Sensus Air Conditioning & Electrical also offers air conditioning installations for business premises, offices and for domestic use. We are an well rounded company that endeavours to provide AC solutions to all the residents of Brendale.

Sensus Air Conditioning & Electricals handles:

  • Air conditioning installation Brendale – homes, offices, business premises, hotels and restaurants, and industries
  • Consultation and provision of expert advice to help you choose the best air conditioning unit
  • Partnerships with building contractors and architects responsible for constructing offices, commercial building or homes
  • Cleaning and repair of AC units


  • Replacement of air conditioning systems in older buildings or homes
  • Routine checkups to ensure air conditioners are functioning properly
  • Education of service staff/homeowners on preventive care for air conditioning units
  • Fast and efficient emergency response in the event of a breakdown
  • Special orders on behalf of our clients.

You can expect high standards of professionalism and integrity as we walk the journey with you. You can rest assured we will be there with you to ensure you get the air conditioning unit that meets your needs.

We provide energy efficient and affordable air conditioning units from various brands including Carrier, Mitsubishi, Daikin, Fujitsu and Panasonic. While we deal with these brands, it is also worthy to note that we can discuss and handle any other brand of your choosing.