Outdoor Air Conditioner Cleaning Service

Do you need to engage an outdoor air conditioner cleaning service company? Look no further than Sensus Air Conditioning & Electrical.

We deal in air conditioning installation, cleaning, general maintenance, replacement, and repair. Cleaning your AC forms a significant part of the overall air conditioning unit maintenance because a clean AC system translates into a well-functioning air conditioner.

Part of air conditioning unit maintenance is to ensure that the area close to the AC is clear of plants, as these plants or their leaves can easily clog the AC. It is also important to keep the outdoor unit away from highly trafficked areas as much as possible, and ensure children don’t touch it or put things inside it.

Is an outdoor air conditioner cleaning service something you can do by yourself? The answer is partly yes, though you should take extreme care. Here are some guidelines you can use when cleaning the outdoor unit:

  • Read the AC manual carefully before you embark on the cleaning process.
  • Switch off the power source and unplug it. Also, ensure the indoor unit is not running.
  • Unscrew the shield and any other casing in order to reach the fan coils.
  • Use a garden hose with very low or no pressure at all to spray the dirt, leaves, dust and anything else that may have found its way into the unit. High-pressure water can bend the fins which will affect the air conditioner’s ability to function properly. Gently straighten any bent fins using a fine brush to avoid bending them further or crushing them.
  • For stubborn stains, use a mild detergent and a soft cloth to clean the unit.
  • Let the unit dry completely before re-assembling it.
  • Always refer to the AC manual before switching the unit back on. Some AC units have special start-up procedures.

That all being said, to extend the life of your AC unit and avoid any problems, you should consider hiring a professional outdoor air conditioner cleaning service.

How Often Should you Clean the Outdoor Units?

The frequency of use determines how often the unit should be cleaned. If the AC has been off for a long period of time then it is important to clean it before use.

In addition, it is important to clean the unit before the start of the season when its services will be greatly needed. For example, before the onset of summer or winter when cooling or heating is needed to keep temperatures in the home or office comfortable.

Hiring a Professional For Outdoor Air Conditioner Cleaning Service

A professional outdoor air conditioning cleaning service provider saves you a great deal of hassle because you will be leaving the job to an expert who knows how to clean your unit effectively and without voiding your warranty.

The service provider will clean both the indoor and the outdoor units and test them to ensure they are functioning as they should. A professional will also advise you if there are any parts that require replacement or repair.

Sensus Air Conditioning & Electrical are certified practitioners in line with Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC) regulations. We have over 10 years of experience in air conditioning services and have the capacity and capability to handle any air conditioner unit maintenance.