Air Conditioning Ashgrove

If you need an expert in air conditioning Ashgrove residents now have professional heating and cooling solutions at their fingertips.

When looking for an air installation company, look no further than Sensus Air Conditioning & Electrical. We understand the AC needs of all people, domestic and commercial, and will provide unbeatable solutions for all.

You can rely on us to offer you the very best when it comes to:

  • Air conditioning installation Ashgrove – air conditioning units for hotels and restaurants, business premises, offices, learning institutions, industries and for domestic use at home
  • Cleaning air conditioning units
  • Repairing air conditioning units
  • Replacing air conditioning systems in older buildings or homes
  • Consultation and provision of expert advice to help you choose the best air conditioning unit.


  • Partnering with building contractors and architects responsible for putting up offices, commercial building or homes
  • Routine check-ups to ensure air conditioners are functioning properly
  • Educating service staff/homeowners on proper care for air conditioning units
  • Fast and efficient emergency response in the event of a breakdown
  • Handling special orders on behalf of our clients.


Our well-trained, certified staff are available to address all your air conditioning needs. From consultations and advice to installation of air conditioning units, maintenance, repair, replacements and routine checkups and cleanings, our talented staff have you covered.

We know that your air conditioning unit is important to you, so we educate our clients on preventative care in order to lengthen the lives of their units!

Our emergency response team works to ensure installations, repairs and replacements are handled in a fast and professional manner. 


Whether you are a homeowner looking for a domestic air conditioning unit, a tenant wanting to keep the temperatures comfortable in your apartment, or a business owner in need of AC solutions for your business or industrial premises, we provide air conditioning installations to all.

Is your AC not working like it should? We also make repairs for air conditioning units. If you’ve got a malfunctioning air conditioning unit, call us – we'll take care of it!

Our talented team of experts is always looking forward to the next step in air conditioning innovation. In addition to assisting our clients, we work with real estate developers, architects and building contractors to create modern, self-sufficient homes.

Leading Brands

Here at Sensus Air Conditioning & Electrical, we specialise in Fujitsu, Daikin, Mitsubishi and Panasonic air conditioners. Our relationship with these brands provides us easy access to spare parts, which reduces the time spent sourcing and repairing your AC unit.

Prefer a different brand? No problem! We will order and install the unit for you.

We also handle installation of Wall Split, Multi Split, Ducted, Cassette, Floor Standing and Package Units.

At Sensus Air Conditioning & Electrical, we’re always working with manufacturers to keep abreast of new changes and developments in the world of air conditioning. Our staff is fully trained to provide excellent, up-to-date, and professional service to all our clients, big or small.

Call us today and let us fit you with the air conditioning unit of your dreams.