Cool Off with an Apartment Air Conditioner

Apartment air conditioners come in all sizes and models and choosing the right one may prove to be a daunting task. But it’s not impossible.

The thought process that goes into installing an apartment air conditioner is unique and requires a bit more creativity compared to stand alone building installations.

4 Key Factors to Consider When Installing an Apartment Air Conditioner

There are several domestic air conditioning units in the market today.

The question is, which one do you buy? Before you purchase a domestic air conditioning system, consider the following:

Air Conditioning Units for Apartments

This is determined by the needs of the buyer.

A client looking to cool a large multi-bedroom apartment will require an AC unit with a larger capacity compared to someone living in a studio apartment, or an open plan type of apartment.

Local Council laws or Body Corporate Restrictions

Depending on where you live, you may encounter some challenges when it comes to installing an AC in an apartment. It is always important to check with the local body to find out what regulations govern the installation of air conditioning units for apartments. 

Once you are given the green light to install your AC, ensure that you get a written confirmation to avoid problems in the future.

Do you own, or are you renting the apartment?

If you own the apartment you will have the freedom to install the apartment air conditioner the way you want, and that includes wiring inside the walls.

With a rented apartment, the situation is different and you will need to consult your landlord before embarking on the project. In the event your landlord is not keen on having an AC installed in their apartment, you may have to come up with creative ways of having one in your home, such as a portable unit. 

The outdoor space of the apartment also matters, as part of the AC unit will be installed outside and may require using a section of the balcony space. Where local laws allow, the AC can be mounted on the exterior wall freeing up balcony space.


Unless you want to get into unnecessary wrangles with your neighbours, a noisy AC unit is an absolute no-no.  Secondly, it is important to ensure that the air conditioners are not positioned right next to the neighbour’s bedrooms, living spaces or windows.

For your own comfort and peace mind, a quiet AC unit will allow you to relax in your home and sleep well. Fortunately, there are many noise friendly AC units available in the market.

Our Role

With all that needs to be factored in, the process of getting an apartment air conditioner can be overwhelming for anyone to deal with. That’s why we’re here. We will be with you through the entire project, to not only make this experience as seamless as possible, but also provide you with the comfort you need.

Talk to us about your apartment air conditioner needs today. With over 10 years experience, our team will bring in expertise and creativity that ensures compliance and comfort all the way.