Split System Air Conditioner Installation Brisbane

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How split system installation works

A split system air conditioner incorporates two separate units: an indoor unit and output unit.

The indoor unit is installed on the wall inside the room, while the output unit is mounted on or kept near a wall outside of the room or space in need of cooling or warming.

In cooling function the indoor unit blows cool air into the room, while the output unit dissipates hot air outside. This type of split system installation is one of the most common.

As with any other air conditioning unit, the refrigerant – a chemical used to absorb heat and moisture from air – loops through the pipes between the indoor and outdoor unit in order to generate chilled or heated air.

In a split system installation, you can choose from one of two options – single split system installation and multi split system installation.

The single split system has two units, namely the indoor unit and the output (outdoor) unit, which is linked together by pipes.

The multi split system uses one output unit linked to several indoor units. The latter option is more effective where more than one room needs to be cooled or warmed.

A split system air conditioner differs from other air conditioning units in that no major installation work is required.

This is because in a split system, electrical wires and tubes are used to connect the indoor and outdoor units instead of ductwork. This type of installation is usually easier to install, reduces energy loss and has lower operating costs.

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