Air Conditioner Cleaning Service

Looking for a service provider that offers a top-notch air conditioner cleaning service? Look no further than Sensus Air Conditioning & Electrical. We offer professional air conditioner cleaning services that ensure your unit produces safe and bacteria-free air for you to breathe.

On an average day we take about 23,040 breaths. We will use the simple assumption that around 19,000 of these breaths breathe in air-conditioned air. With a dirty or not regularly cleaned AC, there are 19,000 chances for you to inhale contaminated and germ-filled air.

For an air conditioner to function properly it requires regular cleaning. This is because over time, the AC can accumulate fungi, bacteria, and mould. As the air conditioner sucks in polluted germ-filled air, it passes through the evaporator which moves heat and moisture from it. The moisture removed from the air forms water droplets which drop into a drain pan and this is drained out via pipes.

Even the best filters remove only a part of these harmful bacteria, while the rest fall onto the internal surfaces. The bacteria combines with water and multiplies, potentially contaminating your AC unit. Then every time you switch on your air conditioner, you are literally blowing harmful bacteria into your space.

If not cleaned properly, Instead of the air conditioner removing allergens and other sources of harmful bacteria from your air, it becomes a breeding ground for these bacteria, and distributes them into the air you breathe.

Some of the symptoms of breathing in contaminated air include itchy eyes, respiratory disease, colds and flu-like symptoms and skin irritations.

Authorised Carrier Air Conditioner Service Providers

Sensus Air Conditioning & Electrical has over 10 years experience as a professional air conditioner cleaning service in domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. Our team undergoes rigorous training to ensure they provide proper cleaning services for AC units.

We are authorised carrier air conditioner service providers, and our team is conversant with carrier air conditioner service cleaning procedures.

When we come in to provide an air conditioner cleaning service for your unit, we carefully take it apart so as to reach all areas – including the hidden indoor coil, fan and drain pan. We use superior cleaning products which effectively rid your AC of contamination.

We always recommend that frequently used air conditioners are cleaned every six months, and every AC should not exceed 12 months without cleaning.

Cleaning your AC before the start of summer or winter is recommended since these are seasons of high utilisation and you will then be assured that your AC is taking out allergens, not pumping them back in!