Air Conditioner
Installation Cost

Air conditioner installation cost is always a key consideration for anyone looking to enhance comfort in their home, workplace or during construction. These considerations also affect those looking to replace their existing air conditioning units.

Air con installation cost is determined by several factors.

Size of Air Conditioning Unit

Different capacity AC units attract different prices, which add up to the overall cost of installation. When it comes to choosing the right unit, your home and lifestyle come into play.

  • Do you have a single floor or a multi-storey house?
  • Will you be cooling (or heating) the entire home, or just sections of it?
  • Does your house have high ceilings, because this will require an air conditioner with more power?
  • Windows contribute towards heat loss in a home, how many windows does your house have?

Considerations for an office setting do not differ much from residential one. They will include looking at highly trafficked areas in terms of personnel, customers, and other visitors, as well as square footage of the office.

What you need to remember is that an air conditioner’s capacity is measured in kilowatts. The higher the energy output, the more powerful it is, and the more it costs. A lower energy unit may be best for smaller spaces and will also cost less.

Types of air conditioning systems

The desired air conditioning system greatly impacts air conditioner installation cost.

  • Portable air conditioners are versatile and definitely the cheapest option, however, their cooling capacity is limited.
  • A split system is quite common and can be used to heat a single space or multiple spaces. These air conditioners are affordable but are also limited in coverage.
  • A ducted system is the most expensive of the three but offers the best cooling or heating solutions because it gives full coverage, has the least noise, and is discreetly installed.

Choosing the Right Installation Company

Different service providers will charge differently for their services, which will include supply and installation (including electrical work) of air conditioning units. It is in your best interests to find a certified professional to do the work for you since the installer will be handling refrigerants.

It is a requirement of the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC) that all technicians and installers hold a full Refrigeration and Air Conditioning licence or a restricted licence. A restricted licence means that the service provider is only allowed to install a split system air conditioner. Don’t be afraid to ask about your service provider’s certification because the last thing you want to do is to void your warranty or have your investment malfunction.

At Sensus Air Conditioning & Electrical, all of our technicians and electricians are certified to carry out air conditioner installation. Further, our electricians are trained in Workplace Health and Safety providing even more assurance to our customers.

We understand that air conditioner installation cost is important. You don’t have to break the bank in order to secure a reasonable air con installation cost. We offer high-quality budget air conditioning units aimed at bringing you maximum comfort.